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A clean, structurally sound and well-maintained Wisconsin chimney can mean the difference between a warm, comfortable home and a dark, cold winter. Ensure your Milwaukee chimney is in top shape for seasonal use by contacting the chimney service experts at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians, the best Waukesha chimney specialists in Southeastern Wisconsin. Quality workmanship, superior customer service and honest pricing are the qualities which make Wisconsin Chimney Technicians the best choice for your Milwaukee chimney service and repair needs.

With over 30 years of experience in Milwaukee chimney repair services, Wisconsin Chimney Technicians is your number one choice for superb Waukesha chimney services and dependable workmanship. Our professional Waukesha chimney repair technicians are dedicated to providing our customers with the excellent Kenosha chimney cleaning, repair and inspection services necessary for ensuring a safe, clean chimney for years to come.

Milwaukee Chimney Sweep and Cleaning Professionals

The Milwaukee chimney sweep professionals at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians are committed to providing our customers with clean, safe chimneys at affordable prices. We apply years of on-the-job experience to every Waukesha chimney sweep job, ensuring our customers can enjoy warm evening fires throughout the winter. From multiple flue chimney systems to simple single flue chimneys, Wisconsin Chimney Technicians is your number one choice for excellent chimney sweep Milwaukee services.

Expert Milwaukee Chimney Services

Wisconsin Chimney Technicians offers a wide range of Waukesha chimney services, including chimney repair, annual Milwaukee chimney inspections, flue resurfacing, and chimney top repair, and much, much more. Annual inspection and sweeping of your Waukesha chimney from the professional chimney experts at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians guarantees a water tight, structurally sound chimney. Utilizing our dependable, high quality Milwaukee chimney inspection equipment and our years of certified training, Wisconsin Chimney Technicians will turn a deteriorating, leaky and drafty chimney into a durable chimney capable of standing the test of time. See our Waukesha chimney repair gallery for examples of our excellent work.

Our professional Milwaukee chimney sweeps are certified by the Chimney Institute of American and receive year round training in all aspects of chimney repair and inspection, including new techniques and industry methods. Our commitment to constant improvement and education is meant to preserve and protect the integrity of your chimney and guarantee the safe, comfortable evening fires so many families enjoy.

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