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Wisconsin Chimney Technicians Offer Full Fireplace System Assesments

Chimney InspectionsThe long, cold Wisconsin winters mean many cozy evenings spent in front of the fireplace. To maximize warmth, it’s important to ensure your chimney is fully functioning. Safely enjoy your fireplace this winter by scheduling an annual chimney inspection from the local experts of Wisconsin Chimney Technicians.

The price of ignoring chimney and fireplace safety can be devastating. We’ve seen many Milwaukee area homes damaged by their chimneys that would have been preventable with regular inspections and maintenance. Wisconsin Chimney Technicians offers a full range of chimney inspection services, from basic visual examinations to interior flue closed circuit video assessments. Request an inspection today!

Full Chimney and Fireplace Examinations in Southeast Wisconsin Counties

Our service includes a complete review of your entire chimney system, including the liner, flue, chimney top, and fireplace or wood stove. A detailed report will be provided allowing the homeowner to see and understand any potential safety risks.

A chimney in disrepair can allow smoke, rain, and flame into your home. Wisconsin Chimney Technicians also offer specialized inspection services for chimney fire damage, lightning strikes, insurance company assessments, and real estate evaluations. If we find damage we can repair it. We also offer fireplace and chimney:

  • Sweeping
  • Installation and rebuilding
  • Tuckpointing
  • Concrete caps
  • Relining
  • Flue caps and resurfacing
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Water leak repairs

Chimney and Fireplace Safety in the Greater Milwaukee Area

Chimney Inspection Costs

The best approach to fireplace and chimney safety is to schedule a thorough inspection once a year during the warmer months. The warmer weather allows our Milwaukee chimney inspectors to examine your chimney when it’s not in regular use. This is the best way to determine any potential safety risks or hazards.

Home Buying and Pre-Sale Chimney Inspections

Before a house can be sold in the state of Wisconsin, the seller must provide the buyer with a disclosure. This report contains details from the seller about the safety of the property. Home sellers should have their chimneys checked by our professionals to ensure your disclosure is accurate.

Did you just purchase a house? Wisconsin Chimney Technicians advises new homeowners to have their chimney inspected upon moving in. Always have a complete chimney inspection before using your chimney or fireplace for the first time. You don’t want to light up a cozy fire only to learn there’s a problem with the flue. A dirty, uninspected chimney can put your family at risk and end up being far more costly than a simple Wisconsin chimney cleaning.

Annual Chimney Inspections throughout Wisconsin

Be sure to view our other chimney services offered in the counties of Milwaukee, Jefferson, Walworth, Washington, Kenosha, Ozaukee, Waukesha, or Racine. We can restore your old chimney to its former luxury, provide annual sweeping, and replace parts as needed. Keeping your chimney safe is what we do best!

Contact our Wisconsin Chimney Inspectors today or call us at (262) 443-5933.

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