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Wisconsin Chimney Technicians, your number one choice for high quality Milwaukee chimney sweep and Waukesha chimney repair services, is committed to providing our customers with useful information and tips for maintaining a clean, healthy chimney system. Please read through our important tips, tricks and information below regarding our high quality Milwaukee chimney maintenance services.

Common Problems to Look Out For Masonry Damage Wisconsin winters present unique conditions and problems for your chimney. One of the most effected parts being the masonry. This damage is rarely noticeable right away, but eventually you'll begin to recognize damage to your chimney's masonry, crown, and lining. The best way to prevent this is to ensure your chimney cap is in place and working effe...Continue Reading
Prepare Your Fireplace for Waukesha's Cold Weather With winter weather fast approaching, Wisconsin homeowners need to know how to get the most warmth out of their fireplaces and chimneys. Many homes in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties rely on fireplaces for all or some of their winter heating. Make sure you’re fully prepared for the cold, including potential polar vortexes and snow storms. I...Continue Reading
Chimney Cleaning, Repair, Rebuilding, & Relining  Spring is here, which for many Wisconsin homeowners means closing up their fireplace until next fall and winter. Forgetting about your fireplace now can lead to unexpected problems when you need it again. Don’t leave yourself a mess! Request a chimney cleaning from Wisconsin Chimney Technicians. With all the severe cold and snow Wi...Continue Reading
News story on TODAY'S TMJ4: Waukesha man about to retire as White House chimney sweep   ENSURING SAFETY - RESTORING LUXURY Continue Reading
When buying and selling homes, the importance of chimney inspections cannot be understated. Truth is, a home inspector does not have to inspect the inside of a fireplace. What a good home inspector will do is stipulate in his/her report that the homeowner(s) should absolutely receive a professional chimney inspection prior to using the fireplace. The National Fire Protection Agency – better...Continue Reading
If you've never used your chimney, but enjoy the thought of starting it up and basking in the warmth of the dim firelight, you’re probably curious about the chimney cleaning cost. Note: It would not be wise to start a fire in your chimney for the first time without first receiving a full inspection. While many do-it-yourselfers hate to pony up the chimney cleaning cost on an annual basis, ...Continue Reading
We get asked all the time whether or not chimney cracks are an immediate problem. Likewise, why do different chimney inspecting companies provide different repair quotes for the exact same chimney? A sommelier might joke about what the difference is between a $30 bottle of wine and a $10 bottle of wine: $20. While this isn’t the most sophisticated answer, it could be the truth in some sce...Continue Reading
The chimney was designed to carry off smoke from the fireplace and also to maintain enough draft to provide oxygen to feed the fire. This may seem like an obvious concept to our modern minds, but, like every other object and modern convenience we possess today, it wasn’t always that way. Let Milwaukee's best chimney sweeps tell you the tale! The Historical Development of the Fireplace and I...Continue Reading
Not a Bad Idea at All! Following months of winter use, the buildup of creosote and soot lining the inside walls of your chimney will likely be substantial. Majority of people often wait until the fall begins to quickly schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection, preparing it for use throughout the next cold season. In reality, having your chimney cleaned in the summer is not a bad idea at all. Pe...Continue Reading
Resolution Chimney Safety Institute of America Jeff Schmittinger March 18, 2014                                                     ...Continue Reading
Radio Ads Now Part of Wisconsin Chimney Technicians' Repertoire  We’re on the radio, and we’ve got a point to prove. “World leaders have conspired before the fire for thousands of years. Cowboys away from home for months at a time have celebrated friendship gathered around the fire. Van Gogh created masterworks capturing humanity at the fireplace. Frank Lloyd Wright made t...Continue Reading
Why Milwaukee Fireplace Cleaning Should Be Left to Our Professional Sweeps We strongly discourage the use of products claiming to be self-cleaning logs for your chimneys. While these products may help to loosen the creosote buildup already in your chimney or over your flue, those creosote buildups are still there, and still as dangerous as ever. The next step after using these self-cleaning log...Continue Reading
When it comes to wear and tear on your chimney, you might guess severe weather would be a culprit. And in a way, you’d be right. The biggest threat to the health and well-being of your chimney…is water. Yes, water. Here are some telltale signs your chimney needs to be repaired or perhaps even replaced. Each of these indicate a chimney problem where water is typically a factor: 1. &n...Continue Reading
Milwaukee Chimney Leak Repairs Let’s pretend you have a problem with mice: would you go buy a dog when what you really need is a cat? Then why hire a roofer to fix your chimney? In reality, the problem you’re facing with your home after a long harsh winter is probably more along the lines of a leaking chimney than it is mice. For Milwaukee chimney leak repairs, the professional Wiscon...Continue Reading
Clients of our Wisconsin Chimney technicians often assume the best time for a chimney cleaning is in the fall. Reality is, chimney cleaning is every bit as ideal in the spring following a rough winter. Across the north side of Milwaukee, including West Bend, Richfield, and Germantown, the winter of 2014 brought harsh deterioration with little reprieve from extreme snow and ice conditions. The toll...Continue Reading
The chimney wash, also referred to as the chimney crown, is a fix specifically meant to block water from entering the masonry in homes. Shifting weather conditions in the Milwaukee area are not always kind to chimneys. Wisconsin Chimney’s solution is achieved by applying the chimney wash to serve as a roof, shooting weather off the sides. For decades now our chimney professionals have been e...Continue Reading
Wisconsin Chimney Sweep Specialists Provide Tips to Eliminate Fire Hazards Wisconsin Chimney Technicians provides the services you need to keep your chimney running smoothly. Our Milwaukee chimney sweep specialists have years of experience in providing the best chimney cleaning, inspection and repair. Chimney maintenance is highly important, especially during the winter months. It's equally impor...Continue Reading
Wisconsin Chimney Sweep Specialists Provide Tips to Keep Chimneys in Top Condition Proper maintenance is a key factor in keeping your family safe and comfortable during our long Wisconsin winters. Chimneys and fireplaces keep us warm; however, without proper care and maintenance they can become hazardous. The professional Milwaukee chimney sweeps at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians offer the best ma...Continue Reading
Milwaukee Chimney Inspection: A Winter Prerequisite Soon families will be gathering around the fireplace, keeping warm and enjoying the ambiance. Fireplace and chimney season is quickly approaching. As a safety reminder, Wisconsin Chimney Technicians highly recommends a chimney inspection before the long, cold winter hits us. A chimney inspection is essential to any safety hazards, ensuring you...Continue Reading
Wisconsin Smoking Fireplace Inspection and Repair from Expert Chimney Technicians Wisconsin winters are long and cold, keeping your fireplace working overtime to keep you and your family warm. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to have your Wisconsin chimney inspected, cleaned, and repaired if necessary. One common problem Wisconsin homeowners encounter is a smoking fireplace. The highly t...Continue Reading
Springtime Chimney Maintenance in Wisconsin Checking your chimney for leaks is one of the most important elements associated with springtime Milwaukee chimney maintenance. The harsh Wisconsin winter weather puts stress on your chimney. Moisture works its way into small cracks, freezes and expands to create a larger problem. Unsealed or loose chimney flashings and cracks in your chimney’s cr...Continue Reading
In 1993, President Bill Clinton spoke with congress about reducing the federal deficit. Jeff Schmittinger, owner of the highly regarded Wisconsin Chimney Technicians, was so moved he placed a call to Washington D.C. volunteering his expert chimney cleaning services. A year and a half of security clearances and Secret Service interviews later, Jeff was given the honor of b...Continue Reading
Chimney Sweep Milwaukee: Behind the Brush Curling up next to a warm, pleasant fireplace is a favorite pastime during the cold Wisconsin winter. The long winter season is quickly approaching and many fireplaces are already being stacked full of logs and lit. An annual chimney sweep Milwaukee is important to ensure your chimney is prepared to handle an entire season of use. The expert Milwaukee chi...Continue Reading
Milwaukee Homeowner Chooses Cut-Rate Wisconsin Chimney Cleaner, Gets Covered in Creosote A Milwaukee homeowner in need of a Wisconsin chimney cleaning found a deal too good to be true while looking through Groupon. The Fireplace Doctor, an inferior chimney service company, posted an offer for a $59 chimney cleaning. The second-rate chimney company did something the Wisconsin Chimney Technicians w...Continue Reading
It seems a little early to be thinking of your first fall fire since we haven’t seen the first flowers of spring. Now is the time to think about ordering your firewood for next burning season. You will find the prices to be as low as they will be for this year and if you buy now you’ll know it’s had time to season before you go to burn it. If you need the name of a supplier ...Continue Reading
Like most of Wisconsin Chimney's clients, you've probably found yourself in need of a great way to tell if your firewood is too wet. If you are experiencing problems getting your fires to start, the first thing I’ll ask is: “Is your firewood seasoned?”. Many times people will say "yes." One thing you have to consider is the way your firewood is stored. Many people will have...Continue Reading
Many important aspects of home maintenance and upkeep can end up lost among all the day to day chores and routines needed to keep a home running smoothly. The vast majority of homeowners don’t think about having their Waukesha fireplace and chimney system inspected on an annual basis until it’s too late. Don’t let this be your fate. Scheduling an inspection for your Waukesha chim...Continue Reading
The arrival of spring in Wisconsin means warm weather and rain, two factors which can increase the chances for leaks and water damage from your Milwaukee chimney. There’s almost nothing more damaging and destructive to a home than a water leak. Water damaged walls and ceilings can lessen the structural integrity of your home and potentially allow for wood rot and mold growth, leading to furt...Continue Reading


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