Chimney Sweep Costs in Wisconsin

Affordable Fireplace Cleaning and Chimney Repair in Milwaukee County

A clean chimney is a safe chimney. Wisconsin Chimney Technicians strive to bring affordable chimney sweep and repair services to Milwaukee, Washington, Walworth, Waukesha, Kenosha, Ozaukee, Jefferson, and Racine Counties. Our price guide includes estimates on our general chimney services.

Price Guide for Standard Chimney Maintenance:

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The Importance of Affordable Fireplace Cleaning in the Milwaukee Area

Many Wisconsin homeowners rely on fireplaces for additional heating in the winter. The more you use your fireplace, the more smoke residue will line your chimney. Melting snow and ice can enter your home through the chimney as well. Ignoring creosote buildup or a leaking chimney pipe can have dangerous consequences for your home. A weak chimney might crumble and damage your house. Creosote buildup can ignite and cause an uncontrollable fire.

Instead of ignoring these problems, address it now! Wisconsin Chimney Technicians encourage regular cleanings and safety inspections by offering low prices on all our chimney services. Annual inspections and maintenance now are far more affordable than fully replacing or repairing a ruined chimney later.

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Milwaukee Chimney Cleaning Prices

Additional Chimney Services in Southeast Wisconsin

Wisconsin Chimney Technicians are more than just certified chimney sweeps. We offer all sorts of affordable chimney and fireplace services including to Milwaukee area homeowners, including:

Whatever issues you are having with your chimney and fireplace, Wisconsin Chimney Technicians can fix. Our technicians are nationally certified to give you the best service possible. We offer low cost services so you can keep your home’s fireplace safe and clean all year round. Request annual general inspections from our certified sweeps for all your chimneys.

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