Milwaukee Chimney Chase Covers for Water Leak Prevention

Milwaukee Chimney Chase Covers for Water Leak PreventionExcessive moisture and structural leaks are one of the most damaging problems any home will experience. Fireplaces are especially susceptible to these situations. Fear not, simple steps can be taken to prevent damage. Covering the top opening of your chimney with a Waukesha galvanized chimney chase cover makes a world of difference. Waukesha chimney chase covers are usually made with galvanized stainless steel and are affixed to the crown using adhesives and bolts. Our Milwaukee chimney maintenance is the only way to protect and preserve the integrity of the chimney.

Milwaukee chimney chase covers are used to protect your chimney from moisture damage, stop leaf litter from falling into the fireplace, and stops pesky birds, squirrels, and raccoons from nesting in the open chimney. Chase covers also stop rain from going straight down your chimney during a storm. Waukesha chimney chase covers are designed with angles meant to shed rainwater and keep your chimney dry.

Preventing Water Leaks

Solution for identifing your leak the first time: A Leak Detection / Diagnosis Test

We know chimney leaks can be a pesky problem. In fact chimney leaks are the number one reason people call us for repairs. Leaking chimneys are often caused by a surprisingly small flaw. However, determining which small flaw it is can be an annoying and expensive chore. We have incorporated an industry standard combined with our own test (Fog Testing) to help determine the source of your leak. You should always call a chimney tech over a roofer when your chimney is leaking. We guarantee we will find it!

Our leak detection test includes:

  • A visual inspection of the chimney and flashings to determine if they were installed correctly to begin with.
  • A MAT (Masonry Absorbtion Test) to test the masonry on the chimney itself.
  • An Attic Fog testing to test the flashings and roof around the chimney.

Galvanized Metal Chimney Covers

ChasecoverGalvanized metal covers are used on most factory built fireplace systems instead of a cast-in-place Milwaukee concrete chimney crown. Galvanized chase covers will generally last 20-25 years. If you can see rust at the top of the chimney, it’s a good idea to replace the chase cover to prevent costly leaks and damage to the fireplace.

Wisconsin Chimney Flashing

Unsealed or loose chimney flashings are usually the first thing we look at. Resealing the chimney flashings is a common maintenence item which should at least be checked if not repaired every few years.

If your chimney is in need of a new Milwaukee chimney chase cover, then call Wisconsin Chimney Technicians, your Waukesha chimney repair experts, at (262) 443-5933 or schedule your Milwaukee chimney services appointment online today! Wisconsin Chimney Technicians offers a variety of Milwaukee chimney services available in Milwaukee, Washington, Walworth, Waukesha, Kenosha, Ozaukee, Jefferson or Racine Counties.

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