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Sweeping Wisconsin Chimneys to Create Safer Fireplaces

Wisconsin chimneys see a lot of use during the winter. The long months of burning wood leaves a thick layer of soot and creosote in your chimney, substances which require annual removal to prevent any potential damage, build up, blockage or fire. The Milwaukee chimney cleaning experts at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians have over 30 years of experience with cleaning chimneys in a professional manner. We take pride in our three decade-long reputation for excellence. Schedule your Waukesha chimney sweeps today keep your home in top shape.

What’s in my chimney?

Creosote is a byproduct left behind by the burning of wood in your fireplace. Creosote condenses on the walls of your chimney when hot gasses meet the cooler surface of the flue. Frighteningly, this condensed material is highly flammable under the right conditions and can easily turn your chimney into a serious fire hazard. Self-cleaning chimney logs claim to remove this buildup, yet they leave most creosote behind.

Protect your home from creosote buildup. Chimney sweeping and maintenance from Wisconsin Chimney Technicians will clear your Waukesha chimney of all soot, creosote, and any debris which has accumulated, such as animal nests or leaves. It's time to have your chimney cleaned.

Safe Milwaukee Homes with Annual Chimney Sweep Services

Waukesha Chimney Cleaning

It's time you start enjoying your chimney!

Having our chimney sweep Milwaukee experts clean your chimney annually is the best approach to ensuring your chimney is safe and ready for extended use. Wisconsin Chimney Technicians offers residential chimney sweep services for all types of chimneys, including:

  • Factory-built fireplaces
  • Brick masonry fireplaces
  • Wood burning stoves
  • Oil heating chimneys
  • Gas fireplaces and chimneys

Wisconsin Chimney Technicians suggests our customers couple sweeping and cleaning services with our chimney inspection services to guarantee your chimney is safe, reliable, and ready to heat your home throughout the Wisconsin winter. For this reason, one of the absolute best times to have your chimney cleaned is in the summer, before you start regular burnings as the temperature drops in fall and winter.

National Chimney Sweep Experience

In 1993, Wisconsin Chimney Technicians started a special program to clean the 35 chimneys at the White House for free. Before long, chimney sweeps across the country were competing for the honor of serving this national landmark. We offer this same level of service to homeowners in southeast Wisconsin.

Affordable Wisconsin Chimney Cleaning

Many Wisconsin homeowners put off chimney sweeping because they believe it is too costly. Yet the cost of an annual chimney sweep is highly affordable. And the value of annual chimney sweeping is priceless: protecting your home from creosote buildup fires. Contact our chimney technicians to learn more about pricing for multiple chimneys at your home.

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Our expert Wisconsin chimney cleaning services are widely offered in Walworth, Kenosha, Ozaukee, Racine, Milwaukee, Washington, Jefferson, or Waukesha County. We look forward to servicing your home next!

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