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Smoke Stain Removal WaukeshaRestore Your Brick Fireplace with Local Chimney Sweeps

Smoke stain removal is a service in high demand around the Milwaukee area. For a variety of reasons, having the inside of your chimney cleaned can be an obtrusive ordeal. The professional chimney sweeps of Wisconsin Chimney Technicians offer high quality smoke stain removal and chimney restoration services. Our sweeps believe it’s unacceptable to have a gorgeous brick and mortar chimney in your home covered up with charred smudges from winter fires and excessive smoke.

Unfortunately, common attempts to rid your chimney of smoke stains often damage the longevity of your chimney. Even worse, unskilled handling of the smoke stain removal process will lead to a multitude of problems in the interior of your home. Lesser chimney sweeps commonly use invasive cleaning substances. The harmful chemicals and odors require residents to clear out of the house for extended periods of time. Wisconsin Chimney Technicians use gentler cleaners which are just as effective at removing stains without the unpleasant smells.

Self-cleaning logs are a popular do-it-yourself solution but often fail. The chemicals released from the log weaken creosote buildup but do not clean stains. Chimney cleaning for smoke stains can and should be dealt with properly by trained Wisconsin Chimney Technicians.

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Milwaukee Smoke Stain RemovalClassic brick and mortar chimneys needs professional smoke stain removal to prevent damage. Power washers can damage the joints in older chimneys. Likewise, majority of detergents will discolor the original brick and mortar, leaving you with an irreplaceably ugly chimney. Our Wisconsin Chimney technicians have been at this for decades. We understand the reaction chemicals have and only utilize environmentally-friendly, non-toxic solutions for complete chimney restoration and repair services.

The toughest masonry stains are no match for the skills of our crew, including modern stone and marble chimneys. Why let a layer of disgusting soot ruin an otherwise beautiful piece of your home? Instead, have the smoke stains removed from your Milwaukee chimney today!

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