Chimney Water Leak Fog Testing

Milwaukee Chimney Leak Testing from Wisconsin Chimney Repair Specialists 

Our qualified Wisconsin chimney repair technicians demonstrates progressive attic fog testing to determine any areas in the chimney and Milwaukee chimney flashing where water leaks may be an issue. Water leaks in your chimney can lead to bigger issues and damages like wood rot or even growth of dangerous mold spores. These issues can be quite expensive to repair and disastrous if left alone. The fog testing method is especially effective as it identifies multiple problem areas simultaneously. This technique is also beneficial as it can be run while the repairs are being made, ensuring all water leaks have been completely sealed. Our Milwaukee chimney inspectors will employ the fog testing demonstrated in this video to find any leaks in your Milwaukee chimney and chimney flashing, and our skilled Waukesha chimney repair specialists will mend any leaks guaranteeing a water tight chimney.

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