Milwaukee Chimney Inspections for Leaking Chimneys

Springtime Chimney Maintenance in Wisconsin

Checking your chimney for leaks is one of the most important elements associated with springtime Milwaukee chimney maintenance. The harsh Wisconsin winter weather puts stress on your chimney. Moisture works its way into small cracks, freezes and expands to create a larger problem. Unsealed or loose chimney flashings and cracks in your chimney’s crown and mortar joints are among the most common causes of a leaking chimney. A leaking chimney can lead to water damaged walls and ceilings, potential wood rot and mold growth, and even damage to your home’s structural integrity. Springtime inspections are important because you may not even notice a leaking chimney until it’s too late. The Wisconsin Chimney Technicians provide comprehensive Milwaukee chimney inspections ensuring your entire chimney is water tight and ready for the spring season.

Milwaukee Leaking Chimney

Milwaukee Leaking Chimney Inspection Process

Our chimney inspectors perform thorough inspections to ensure all possible issues are identified. Our first step is an advanced fogging technique which identifies any water leaks in your chimney’s attic, flashing, flue and mortar joints. This highly effective chimney inspection technique identifies multiple problem areas simultaneously. Our chimney repair experts run the fogger throughout the repair process to guarantee all leaks are properly sealed.

The next step in our meticulous chimney leak inspection service is performing a masonry absorption test. Our expert Wisconsin chimney inspectors use this test to determine if your chimney’s masonry is leaking. The masonry absorption test checks three vertical joints and one horizontal joint to ensure a thorough inspection identifying any problems. Our unrivaled chimney tuckpointing services are recommended when our chimney repair technicians find leaky masonry. 

Our next step is to inspect your chimney’s crown to ensure it is properly installed and free of cracks and separation. Cracked chimney crowns in Wisconsin are fairly common. Water seeps into small cracks, freezing and expanding throughout the long, cold winter. Our chimney repair experts utilize years of experience to determine if your chimney crown requires repairs or complete replacement. If either repair or replacement is required, Wisconsin Chimney Technicians offer expert services to ensure a watertight chimney.

Our chimney inspectors provide the most thorough and comprehensive inspections in Wisconsin. Along with the three main leaking chimney causes, our inspectors check multiple areas to ensure a completely waterproof chimney. The other steps in our in depth leaky chimney inspection process include:

  • Check flue tile condition.
  • Check rain cap condition / if present.
  • Check for Cricket.
  • Check for chase vents.
  • Check for step-out corbelling in the attic. 

The Wisconsin Chimney Technicians are the number one source for the most comprehensive chimney inspections and guaranteeing your chimney is watertight and performing at optimal levels. Our chimney repair experts offer unrivaled services remedying any issues found in our inspections.

Contact the Milwaukee chimney inspection experts at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians to schedule your springtime leaky chimney inspection today.

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