Winter Chimney Care

Common Problems to Look Out For

Masonry Damage

Wisconsin winters present unique conditions and problems for your chimney. One of the most effected parts being the masonry. This damage is rarely noticeable right away, but eventually you'll begin to recognize damage to your chimney's masonry, crown, and lining. The best way to prevent this is to ensure your chimney cap is in place and working effectively. If it isn't, water can leak down into your chimney and cause internal damage as it freezes and thaws. 

Animal Entry

Animals like squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and raccoons have a tendency to climb into chimneys and dryer vents to stay warm in the winter. They will often build nests that can block air flow and cause all sorts of problems for homeowners who might not even know they are there. If you notice animals in your chimney or dryer vents, we strongly advise you have them professionally removed. Having them in your chimney can cause carbon monoxide and smoke buildup inside your home, and any nesting they have in place can serve as the kindling that ultimately burns your house down.

Water Damage

The most common problem winter causes for your chimney is moisture buildup combined with temperature fluctuations. When water gets into cracks in your chimney's bricks, it freezes and expands as the temperature drops and makes the cracks larger. When it melts, it leaves behind space for more water. Over time this cycle makes the cracks larger and larger until eventually your masonry begins to crumble.

Wisconsin winter chimney damage

How to prevent these from happening.

The best way to ensure your chimney is protected from these issues is to have them inspected annually. Our pros will let you know if your chimney is at risk, and, if so, how we can fix it. Contact us today, or schedule an inspection today.

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A Safe Chimney for the Winter

Make sure your fireplace and chimney look great and work safely this winter. Ask Wisconsin Chimney Technicians to restore the masonry. Your chimney will look better than new once we’re finished.

Other chimney repair services we offer include:

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