Masonry Absorption Test for Chimney Water Leak Testing

Masonry Absorption Testing from Wisconsin’s Best Chimney Inspectors

Watch our masonry absorption testing video. The experienced Milwaukee chimney inspectors at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians have made this video demonstrating use of the masonry absorption test, a system designed to determine if the masonry on your chimney is leaking. While chimney flashing is a common problem area for leaks, it is not the only area where leaks can occur, as demonstrated in this video.

This masonry absorption test, performed by our highly skilled Wisconsin chimney inspectors, will determine if your chimney’s masonry is leaking and in need of repair, replacement, or chimney tuckpointing. If your chimney’s mortar or bricks are found to be leaky, our expert Wisconsin chimney repair technicians will be able to provide you with the Milwaukee chimney repair services necessary to keep your chimney watertight and leak free.

For this masonry absorption test and other chimney inspection services, contact the top Milwaukee chimney sweeps.

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