Chimney Pipe Installation for Milwaukee Area Homes

Chimney Pipe InstallationChimney pipe installation is an absolute necessity for steering smoke out of your house. Along with chimney flue caps and roof flashing maintenance, chimney pipes are essential. If you have a woodstove in need of keeping the house warm during cold winter months, setting this up properly can be a cheaper and more preferable heating option. On top of that, a fireplace also doubles as a way to get rid of old wood.

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With a freestanding stove, installing a chimney pipe yourself is possible yet not recommended. Experienced chimney masons have worked on hundreds upon hundreds of chimneys in virtually every location across Milwaukee, from Waukesha and Brookfield to Mequon and West Bend. At this point, there are few idiosyncrasies Wisconsin Chimney technicians have not encountered, whether the job is installing a chimney pipe, sealing a roof flashing, or repairing a chimney flue cap.

With a 100% success rate, our chimney pipe installation service doesn’t equate to needing leak repairs. Our installers expertly keep the roof flashing sealed to avoid all of the common issues.

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